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Funny Friday: Headless Drive Thru Prank

Here is this weeks Funny Friday! This comes from famous youtuber MagicOfRahat. In this hilarious video he pretends to be headless and scares the crap out of unsuspecting Drive Thru Workers. He has the best pranks and I recommend you check out his channel for other funny videos.

If you have any suggestions for a Funny Friday email me or leave it in the comments below!

I hope I made your day! or at least made you smile!




EMS News: Washington State Dispatcher Sends Mom to Rescue

EMS News: Washington State Dispatcher Sends Mom to Rescue

I think it is great the common sense thought that went through this dispatchers mind. These people probably were saved from peril  by dispatching good ol’  mom in her Old Town Dirigo kayak. Okay maybe not that kayak, but it is still an act of heroism for all those involved. Many would not have thought this an option, and I’m sure there was some rules broken, but as long as she notified the proper people before her mom I do not see a problem with this.

This is great for a call that could have taken upwards of 20 minutes to get the area response teams on scene to make the rescue. Having someone used to the the waterways made it relatively safe for mom to do the rescue with help from family.

What are some of your thoughts on this? Would you enjoy more articles and my thoughts? Let me know.



The Package Pt.1

“Not more bills!” Jason thought to himself, having just been laid off as he reached into his mailbox to pull out a few envelopes and a package.

“Hmmm, I wasn’t expecting a package.” He opened up this months rent bill and his cellular bill. What he wouldn’t give for a few thousand extra dollars to get him by until he found another ambulance job. Read more…

Reaching my goal!

I am over halfway to reaching my goal of 1,000 total views. Read more…


Funny Friday: Ed Bassmaster Celebrity Spotting!

Ed Bassmaster strikes again with a great public prank/skit/humorous whachacallit! Here is his channel. This weeks Funny Friday marks the restart of this blogs series. Sorry for it slowing down, but I didn’t have the time to post them.

If you have any suggestions that would be great to feature on Funny Friday let me know in the comments or by email.

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What Sequester? Federal Spending Still Not Cut!

The great sequester of 2013 is upon us! And what has it done might you ask? Apparently not much!

Sequester? Sheeee it boy--we live in a seeekes...

 (Photo credit: idropkid)

Read more…

Reblog: Some Blogging Tips by

This raise many points about blogging that I have found bloggers just starting out don’t think about. I have had blogs before this one, but with sights that did not allow for much interaction and interacting is hard to begin with. I now am using WordPress and have found it is the best for interacting and gaining followers.

Interaction is key to blogging success!


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