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Just another teenager who wants to express himself, his life, and his work. I am an EMT and currently in my last year of high school. I am Planning on going into a Paramedics degree program at a local college along with a double major of Fire Science. My long-term goal is to be a Fire-medic for a fire department.

I want this blog to account for my views, thoughts, dreams, and anything that I want to share pertaining to life. I plan to post very regularly, at least one post every other day, but I expect it will become more like a post or two everyday. Any feedback about how to make blog better or topics you want me to read about would be great!


  1. Thanks for your input on my blog. I would imagine that there are many similarities to Ambulance life in the UK and the US, and also some huge differences too. You seem very young to be doing this job, and going to school as well. Are you a mature student? Anyway, good luck with your choice of career; you will have some memorable experiences, as well as wearing out your back, ruining your knees, and finding it hard to like people! Regards, Pete, England.

    • Here in my state you can receive your EMT license at the age of 16, most services will not hire you until 18, because it is state law that you have to be 18 to drive an ambulance. I was lucky to find a service that would hire me at 17 and let me ride as a third provider. Maturity also went a long way in gaining a job.

  2. I have always been in the medical field also. I am so proud of you for getting a good start in high school. I just know you are going to go far. Maybe even a doctor in the future!!!

  3. Where have you disappeared to? Missing your blogs! Pete.

    • Life has kept me really busy I just got hired for a Live-in Position at a Fire Rescue department while going to school for firefighting and a paramedics degree.

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