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What Possesses Teens These Days?

March 25, 2013

I mean come one! Can’t we act our age for just once?!?! It is not that hard. Being mature will get you more places than lighting a book on fire in the bathroom!

Today at my school someone thought it would be funny to light a book on fire in one of the bathrooms of school and place the book in a trash can. The school had to be evacuated when the fire alarms went off. The fire department showed, but luckily a fast acting teacher was able to grab the book out of the can and throw it into one of the toilets.

This student is lucky no one was hurt and that there was no significant damage done to the building. It would have sucked to lose summer vacation, because of not being able to go to school now.

I do not currently know the fate of the student, but would suspect some jail time along with suspension or expulsion. This can not be allowed.

I also want to know why they decided to do this. What could they gain from this? Any thoughts?



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  1. Some people, young men in particular, seek to gain notoriety, and portray themselves a rebel, by random acts such as the one you describe. History shows us that these anti-establishment, ‘dangerous’ males, often do very well with the opposite sex. The reputation they gain sometimes makes them feared, and others become more wary of them. They also attract the attention of weaker males, looking to become part of a clique, or gang. Occasionally, some are just rebelling against their parents, and authority in general, and know no other way to display their frustrations. On a few occasions, this is a very early display of more serious, anti-social tendencies, that may possibly lead to more extreme acts in later life.
    In my experience, these people often do well later, and become popular for no better reason, than that they are seen to be outside the herd, therefore individual, and more attractive. In my view, anyone burning books has no respect for literature, education, or learning, and should be expelled from your college. I know my opinion may seem harsh, but I am getting on a bit, and come from a generation that showed more respect for educational opportunities.
    Regards from England, Pete.

    • I have to agree with you completely. They have no respect for anything. It just really irks me that these people are so large of a population. This will come back to haunt them in the future.

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