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Whackeritis (No its not what you think it is!)

March 4, 2013

Get your minds out of the gutter!

The urban dictionary definition of a Whacker here. I am afraid I may have a slight infection!

I just recently bought my own radio for use at the ambulance company. It is a great radio! I bought for $50 and it is more durable than the price would lead you to be believe. Of course we have radios at the company and we are not strictly just volunteer. I like having it because we only have one portable per truck, plus if they page for extra help I will be able to respond. The radio I bought is a Baofeng UV-5R plus and it can be found on Amazon.

The second reason I think I am infected is I just bought a dash light for my Chevy Blazer. It is a Federal Signal Viper S2 it comes with I believe twelve LED’s split up into two heads. There are a ton of flash patterns and it is so bright you can’t look into it! I probably will never use it, because it causes problems at intersections, but I have it just because I can have it. I am going against my moms saying of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. This is more of a status thing.

I haven’t been posting much because Life has been hectic for me. I have been applying to scholarships and I worked all weekend for both the ski resort and the ambulance company. I promise once I slow down a bit I will be up to my maximum posting speed, if that makes any sense haha.





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  1. Didn’t know what a whacker was before! In England, we call such people ‘Ambulance Junkies’, or ‘Job-Pissed’. There are lots of them, and they normally collect mag-lite torches in every size, and have lots of emblems on their clothes and cars. (If you have a Chevy Blazer, no wonder you find petrol costs so high!) Cheers, Pete.

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