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Living the Life

February 23, 2013

I have been on the ambulance for 17 hours now, but I have only been on two calls. I have not been able to drive yet because the insurance company is taking their sweet ass time to add me on the company policy.

Other than that life has been busy, so I have not been able to post as much as I usually and yesterday I did not have the time to post a Funny Friday video. Next week I will post two videos. One on Monday and one on Friday to make up for my lack of attention to this blog and to keep you followers happy and coming back for more.

Usually I like to write using the Daily Post Writing Prompts, but none of them have been appealing or inspiring to me. It’s not that I have writers block, but that I like to have a good story or event to tell about. I do not want to one of those boring bloggers who end up posting the same old, same old. I also do not want to be a strictly prompt blogger all the time. I have seen blogs where they only make daily prompt posts and do not deviate on to their own creative track.

As I have posted before, my blog does not pertain to any one category as it is more of journal for me than anything else. Something for me to post what is on my mind and to see if anyone likes what I have to say or can relate to it. It is tough to stay away from ruts, or to even get out of one, but I am not sure if I am in one right now with this blog. Any feedback would be great!

Earlier I recently updated my iPad mini to iOS 6.1.2 and I was having some problems connecting to the internet, but the problem solved itself. I love it when problems do that! I have noticed that with the new update my battery lasts quite a bit longer than before due to a change in the Exchange system. A bug was found and fixed, so thank you Apple!

Life has been great, I have treated myself with another lottery ticket, but yet again I did not win. I recently bought myself a knife for my ems job. It is an awesome knife which you will see in picture.


Thank You for reading!



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  1. Nice blade!!

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