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Turned 18! Powerball Winning, BWW

February 21, 2013

So yesterday I finally turned 18. The age of gaining a lot of responsibility and being held accountable for all your actions.

It was weird because I didn’t feel any different, and I still don’t.

Last night I went out and bought my first powerball ticket before the wednesday drawing. It would have been hilarious if the first time I played the lottery I won! But I had no such luck last night, not even one number on my ticket matched. Now I just need to try my luck at at a scratch ticket. Maybe someday I will win, even though I don’t plan on wasting much money on the lottery. It was just a right of passage for me to mark I was 18. The woman at the gas station where I bought the ticket carded me! I was expecting it, plus it truly made me feel like I was 18.

Tuesday night I went out with two of my best friends to dinner.One of them wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday, and I was not going to argue with that. We spent a few hours shooting the shit,hitting on every topic like life, jobs, school, and girls.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, where I ate the steak burger, which is the juiciest, most flavorful burger I have ever had. It is my favorite burger and I get it every time I go to BWW. People often laugh at me because I don’t get the wings, but wings really don’t do anything for me. I don’t enjoy super spicy food, and the only barbecue sauce I like is the Sweet BBQ which always belongs on a burger.

This year was probably the best birthday I ever had! How many of you remember turning 18? What did you do to celebrate? Did you do anything as aright of passage?

Leave a comment and/or a like ot let me know what you thing please! Thanks!



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  1. Happy belated birthday, my wee friend! My 18th feels a loooong time ago; it was a good day overall, however, I choose not to remember much from that time of my life.
    Remember–you’re no more an adult than your actions; so don’t become one of them “adults” who are so muc less mature than their years would state. Uphold the respect and the responsibility that comes with being of legal age, but by no means feel pressured to stop having fun!
    As always, I’m around reading and lurking and commenting when I can!

    Wallace, out.

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