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Daily Prompt: Nightmares, I Haven’t Had Any

February 19, 2013

Daily Prompt: Nightmares.

Today’s Daily Prompt is: Tell us about the last nightmare you had and what do you think that it meant?

Well, I can gladly say that it has been so long since my last nightmare that I can’ remember it.T’m glad I haven’t had a nightmare, because they usually prevent me from calming down and relaxing my mind enough to fall back asleep.

I think me not having a nightmare means that my subconscious is at peace or that I am able to forget about my troubles or emotions before going to sleep. I am usually a happy go lucky guy who doesn’t let life get in his way of doing what he wants to do.

It could also mean that the dream catcher next to my bed is doing its job very well! Who really knows what their dreams or nightmares mean? Only your subconscious truly knows what is bothering your mind, even when you don’t know. I tend to not try to decipher the enigma code that is dreams because I would go crazy trying to do so. I spend very few minutes a day thinking about my dreams, and usually I only think about them right away when I wake up from my slumber.

How many of you do not have nightmares or just simply can’t remember them? If you enjoy my blog leave a like or comment. Discussion is much appreciated!



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