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Six Unique Things: Daily Prompt: Far From Normal

February 18, 2013

Daily Prompt: Far From Normal.

I don’t think I am that different from anyone else, but I will see what you people think.

Here are six unique things about myself as asked by today’s daily prompt from daily post:

1. I’m only eighteen years old and I already work as an Emergency Medical Technician for a small town not for profit ambulance service that has about 1100 calls per year.

2. I’m a high schooler that has their own blog, but its not on tumblr and I don’t just reboot things from other blogs.

3. I will be going to school to get degrees in Paramedicine and Fire Science. These degrees will help me become a Firefighter/Paramedic after college. I know what I want to spend my life doing and I already know that I will love it.

4. I never played on a sports team when I was kid, but I have been a Boy Scout since I was in the first grade. I feel like I have learned more from that, than any sports team I could have joined. The leadership skills and outdoors skills teach you more interesting and useful things than being able to make goal or point.

5. I use to play the clarinet in my school band, when I was in middle school. I have it up because I lost my interest in it.

6. I found this prompt really hard. I had a hard time coming with six unique things. I’m pretty sure it I put this prompt off for a couple things I could think of plenty, but right now I can’t.

Hope you enjoyed a small dive into my life. Leave a comment or a like, please and thank you!



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