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Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

February 17, 2013

Daily Prompt: Mentor Me.

Today’s prompt is: have you ever had a mentor? If so, what is the greatest lesson you have learned from this person?

I have had several mentors in my short 18 years of life. It is hard to choose who to talk about, because I feel like they have all taught me great things. I think I will select two of my mentors and say a little bit about each.

My first mentor is my father. He is a hardworking man, who works as a full-time firefighter and just started is own lawn care and snow plowing business two years ago. The business has already became very successful, but not without a great deal of sacrifice. The greatest lesson my dad has mentored me about is the value of hard work and how it pays off. This has helped me everyday in all my jobs, because my bosses and colleagues look to me as a responsible young adult who can handle just about anything, and will get the job done.

My second mentor is my paramedic partner. She works full-time as a paramedic and teaches an EMT class throughout the year. Working with her has created some of the best learning experiences I have ever had. She has been a medic for over 20 years and has seen quite a lot in her day. The greatest lesson learned from her is that you should not pretend to know how to do something just to make yourself look good. This has taught me to always ask questions when I don’t understand what happened on a call or how to use something I have never seen before.

It is very important in this day and age to be able to put in hard work. Heck! It’s almost required to be successful. Questions help you understand your hard work and turn you into a better and more knowledgeable person.

What is your greatest lessons learned? Leave a like or comment to show some support, I know you are out there! Thanks!


  1. I like your Dad without even meeting him. Hard work, wow! That’s so easy to grasp and pass on. Nice post and thus you passed it on.
    Kenton Lewis.

  2. Joey, I never really had a mentor, but had to act as one, during the last years of my service in London. I was used as a training supervisor for new staff, straight out of Training School. They tended to fall into two categories. There were those like you, who obviously value the experience passed to them, and heed the advice and cautions. Then the others, young, cocky, and not receptive to any ‘wise words’. They saw me as old and finished, and themselves as the new generation, all opinions and better ideas. Maybe I was like that once too, but I hope not. Your Paramedic mentor is lucky to have a grateful and receptive student like you, and I hope she realises it. Like her, I worked for well over 20 years on ‘front line’ duties, and I am sure that there is little she has not seen, and lots she can help you with. Regards, Pete.

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