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Exclusive Surprise Partayyy!

February 16, 2013

Today I finally found out why everyone has been secretive for so long.
My girlfriend and mom have been planning a surprise party for me for over a month. It was great! My closest friends were there along with my family and my girlfriend’s family. We had a great time in my girlfriend’s grandparents 1950’s room! And yes I got my iPad mini, which I am posting from right now and I love it!

“1950’s room?” I hear you all saying. Yes her grandparents have a room decked out above there garage that has a bar, jukebox, ’50’s restaurant style seating and memorabilia. It looks sweet. Even has its own pool table, which has seen many hours of billiards. We listened to some Elvis on the jukebox while having a bee bopping good time talking about what I was like when I was younger.

The iPad mini so far has been awesome. It is the perfect size to take anywhere and to use any app on. Using sites like twitter and Facebook are easy on this and it makes it more comfortable to read the many blogs I follow and even post things. I have the iPad in a survivor case which has a nice stand for watching movies or typing with a keyboard. It was very quick to set up the iPad and I was using it within an hour of getting. That is even having all my apps on it and having all my music put onto it. I also got a Bluetooth keyboard to go with my iPad, but I have not tried it out yet. I will definitely keep you guys posted on how it works! WordPress for the iPad works soooo much better than for the itouch and it loads a lot faster.

Today has been awesome! And I still have four days until I am truly 18. My plan is to go out and buy myself my first lottery ticket. I would also like to thank everyone who came to my party and especially my mom and girlfriend who put a lot of time and went through a lot of stress to pull the surprise off ( I guess my mom left the invites in plain view, but I never saw them). Thanks for everything!

Tell us about a surprise experience you have had by commenting or linking to your post talking about it. Hit the like if you could please, I really appreciate it and provides me with a lot of motivation. Thanks!



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