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Exclusive Saturday Post!

February 16, 2013

So excited right now! My birthday is four days away, but I think we may be celebrating it sooner! Everyone this morning, including my girlfriend, has been secretive. I think they might be planning something big and I want to know what it is. I already know what one of my presents is going to be, but that is because I asked for it specifically and they wanted to get me the right one. Its going to be an iPad mini!

This iPad is going to allow me to post more frequently, because we are allowed to use them during study hall at school. All my homework is usually finished before study hall, so I will be able to post some good quality stuff. I do sometimes post on my iPod touch, but the screen is too small and I make a lot of spelling errors.

Right now my girlfriend, mom, and sister left to go do “errands”, I asked to come, but I was suspiciously denied. Something has to be up for today. What ever it is, I cant wait!

On another note, I am excited also because yesterday my friend got me another part-time job working as a ticket checker for the small ski area in the town over. It will pay minimum wage, but for every skier or snowboarder I find without a ticket I get half of the price of an all day pass added to my pay. I was hired on the spot and filled out all the paperwork yesterday while I was there. I start tomorrow and I will be working everyday this week at the ski resort from 12-4pm. It is going to be an easy job.

I got the job mainly because I did some part-time work reffing paintball for this ski resort and I know the owners. Plus, my frine dis dating the owner’s granddaughter, so that made it a whole lot easier!

The only part I don’t like about this job is that I have to be the dick that escorts people to the main office where they will be charged 90$ or we will call the police. Its going to be tough, but I can succeed at. Still the best part is that I have a chance to make some serious coin. As I lay here in bed sipping my morning coffee, I can’t help but dream about what I could possibly make this week. It is school vacation for the area after all!

Only four more days until my birthday! Leave a like if you enjoyed this post or comment on what you want me to talk about more. I am always open for criticism. Thanks!



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