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Student Social Media Censorship?

February 14, 2013

Student suspended for vulgar Tweet

This article from New York is about a young high school scholar and athlete being punished for what he had said on a social media website. The student, who is a three sport athlete and has a great grade point average, acted out at a school event. When the student found out a teacher had written him up for it he went onto twitter in the privacy of his own home and used swore about the teacher and had used the teacher’s name. The student was suspended for five days by his school district for his tweet. This school does not have a code of conduct for what is being said on social media.

The biggest problem I see here is the school being allowed to control what a student is doing in the privacy of their own home. Regardless of the name being used, school districts should not be telling students what they are allowed to post. This is an infringement on the rights given to us. The right of freedom of speech allows us to express our opinion, no matter how bad it may be. School can be stressful and social media is an outlet for many students. Taking away this outlet will only make matters worse, because the more a group is suppressed; the more they want to rebel, hence any rebellion in the modern world today.

Censorship is becoming worse and worse as the days go by. Here at my school certain students twitter accounts are followed by our administration. Anything that may be risque or against their views is demanded to be taken down and usually there may be some sort of consequence. Parents should not let this happen. This is allowing the schools to come into our homes and tell us how we should do things, and what we should say while doing them. I want to be able to say what I want on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter allows me to share my opinion in up to a few short phrases. This form of expression allows me to relieve anger and stress that has been built.

This will lead to the control on what we blog, view on the internet, or tweet/post. I can not sit here idle and let this happen. I will post what I want in the privacy of my home. If the school wants to tell me that I can’t tweet or post in school so be it, but they can not tell me what to do on my time and in my privacy area or home.

I understand that the comment made by this student was inappropriate, but he should be able to feel safe from the all seeing eye of the school districts in his own home.

Sorry for another rant, but I want your opinion on this issue. Should students be restricted by schools on what they can post on social media, in their own home? Leave a comment or link to this post with a discussion post of your own. Please show some support and give this a like too. Thanks!



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