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My Dream(s)

February 11, 2013

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I love books and I love reading. The only thing I wish is that I had the creative sense to write books and/or short stories of my own. This  is a big dream for me. I know one day after I have had a few years of experience working as a paramedic I would love to write my own book about the calls I went on. I do not plan on making lots of money or becoming famous for this book, but I would want EMS providers from all around to read it hopefully. I just don’t know if I am a good writer.

From what I have read many writers do not believe their work is good or worth other people’s time, but they are still successful. It takes me forever to publish a post because I constantly change, add, and remove things until I have lessened my dislike for the post as much as possible.

Yes I blog, but that is because it is almost like a journal for me and I am hoping it will make me a better so that one day I can actually write a good short story or book. I feel like this will lead into some posts down the road where I do try my hand and actually post a short story I have written. As I sit here typing this right now I wonder if anyone actually cares. Will posts like this actually gather a following? I am not in this just to have people following me, but it is nice to have someone read my work, even if it is just about my life or things around it.

This dream is becoming clearer as I continue to read Stephen King “On Writing”. Before I read this book I have, as I said, enjoyed writing for fun, but now I want to expand this hobby and actually have people read my works. I do not have any electronic copies of my works, so I hope to create new stories that I can share with you. I would also like to become a better story writer when it comes to sharing my stories from my EMS job. Tomorrow I might post my first post about last Friday nights shift on the Ambulance. The feedback I get from that I hope will help me learn to tell my stories better.

I enjoy blogging right now and every view and every follower I get boosts my motivation that much more and makes me want to blog that much more. I always thought it would be cool to blog and now I am doing it. Yes it can be tough on deciding what to write post, but I think that is the fun it, Don’t you think so?

So I will continue to blog and bore people with my stories and life, but that’s the way I am :p and you can’t do anything about it!

If anyone has any feedback for me please email me or post in the comment section below; only constructive criticism please. If this post reminds you of yourself at the start of your blogging career hit the like button and show some support.

Thank you for Reading!



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