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How Do You Learn a New Skill?

February 10, 2013

Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment:You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

The short answer for me? Hands down on hands-on learning. I have a hard time learning any new or interesting skill and/or information if I can’t put it to use or if I can’t do it as a way of learning. I guess its just the way my brain is wired to learn.

This is why I did so great in my EMT class. Everything is hands-on and you can put what you learn into use right away. My job uses my hands all the time. I get bored at school most of the time, because it does not engage me enough and I can’t do a lot with most of the information I am taught. The hands-on part of school stopped when elementary school did. The only classes I have enjoyed in high school are my current Law Enforcement and the few shop classes I took like Service Tech and wood shop.

Reading things also works pretty well for me if the content is interesting enough for me to care about. If I read then do what I just read about I find I learn the skill very fast, because I have a foundation for my hands-on work. Many people learn from repetition of reading things. If I study something over and over I tend to get bored and lose the information altogether in my head. The brain is a funny thing.

To digress, one of the things I wish I had was a photographic memory. I am jealous of those who have one and would do just about anything for one (not literally of course). Who wouldn’t want to be able to look over test material once and be able to recall it word for word on that day of the test. With a photographic memory it would save up so much time from studying. This memory style would allow for more time spent with friends, doing hobbies, or blogging (if your classy 🙂 ). Though there is a book I have read, but I can’t think of its name, where they show where photographic memory may have its fault. I think it says something about how it takes a while to find where in the text book you read the information you needed.

Not back from the digression, I have been told I am a quick learner. This is a skill I have found looks great on a letter of reference and/or a resume. It has impressed my Training Officer at my ambulance company and now I help teach different things with my Training Officer.

Which learning style are you? Let me know in the comments and show me your support by clicking the like button. Thanks!


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  1. A positive attitude always helps. Hope you will have a much fun teaching as you do learning. By the way, Is their a prize to be won? I see a Technorati claim code, what i this?

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