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Reincarnation: Yes or No?

February 8, 2013

Today’s Daily Prompt from the Daily Post:

Reincarnation: Do you believe in it?

My answer is yes. If someone were to think about it, do we just stop existing? How does life stop? I find it hard to believe that we no longer exist as anything. How can we go from a functioning human being who has millions upon millions of thoughts to nothing?

I do not believe in luck coming upon us, but a wise Boy Scout Scoutmaster once told me, “We make our own luck in what we do.” I live by this now because I feel it is very true. It has to do with our karma. Our karma also links to what kind of new life we have when we become reincarnated. If we do nothing but bad in our life now we will come back and be put in these awful situations as the victims or as something like a mosquito where you have a chance of being killed right away. This is the purgatory like place. If we have done nothing but good or only suffered in this life, then in the next life we will be rewarded by reincarnating as something great like someone who is rich or have a time in general. Someone who is bound to a wheelchair now, will probably be reincarnated as a free animal able to roam wherever they please: the great jungles of Africa, or the plains of U.S. Midwest.

If you have ever read “The Secret” you will learn that positive actions and positive thoughts are what leads to a positive and successful life.”The Secret also gives you the tools and thoughts needed to accomplish anything you want to do. Your reincarnation will be better for you if you do only positive things and think in positive thoughts.

What are your thoughts on this?



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