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Nor’easter Nemo and the Ambulance

February 8, 2013

So it is unlucky me, the one who scheduled himself a few weeks to work on the ambulance tonight. I will be heading in for 5pm tonight and will be getting off at 6am tomorrow. Lucky for me I have a 4×4 vehicle that can hall me through snowbanks and get me to the base. I am hoping we don’t have to go bombing out to one of the outskirt towns for a call. Our ambulances think they are slip and slide amusement park ride.

On the other hand I am looking forward to a good night because there will be more than just two of us at the station, since the chief has decided to man both ambulances overnight. I enjoy working with my colleagues more than anything else and I can always expect to learn something from them.

Hopefully no one in my coverage area will be critical if they do call .Our response times will more than likely be obscenely high due to the roads being poorly maintained. In our first in area we have a lot of roads that winding and hilly and usually do not get plowed until midway through the storm and sometimes not even until after the storm has dropped a huge load of snowflakes.

I will be sure to keep you guys posted on how everything goes.

Have any of you had experiences on an ambulance during a snowstorm? Let us hear about it. Give this post a like if you think it would be interesting for me to post more about EMS and the like.

Thank You!



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  1. We once had to use snow chains in Central London, of all places. it was during a very bad winter, in the mid-1980’s. Mind you, we thought it was bad in less than a foot of snow, you get it a hell of a lot worse out there. The snow ‘chains’ were actually plastic treads, so it was like driving along over railway sleepers. we could also only do a maximum speed of 30mph, so a bit pointless for an emergency vehicle. We always hated snow, because we get so little of it, we had no 4X4 vehicles, and the vehicles were inherently unstable, even in perfect driving conditions. Luckily, we do not have to suffer the real extremes of weather, as you do in the USA. Regards, Pete.

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