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Top 10 iPod Touch & iPhone Game Apps

February 1, 2013

So I have been having a little bit of writers block lately so I figured it would be a great time to write a post ranking my top 10 iPod Touch or iPhone games. These are solely my opinion, so don’t hate me for it. These are the games taking up a lot of my time lately. All of these rank equal in my book no one is better than the other to me I am just choosing my ten most favorite.

Top 10 iPod Touch/ iPhone Games:

  1. Hill Climb– This game possess ours of fun. The object of the game is to collect money and do tricks to see how far you can make it on each one of the maps in game. There are many vehicles you can unlock such as a monster truck or race car. Each vehicle can also have upgrades bought for it. There are several maps that are played on. In the latest update you can hill climb the moon with low gravity, which allows the player to gain a lot of coinage from doing tricks mid-air.
  2. Plague Inc.- In this game the objective is to try to infect and kill off the whole world with a sickness. The different types of germs you can unlock are: virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite, bio-weapon, and a few others. In game you can upgrade your endemic to create the ultimate pandemic. Though the challenge is once the disease is noticed the world’s doctors set out to find a cure and it becomes a race against them to kill every one before they start distributing the cure.
  3. Tiny Tower – This game does not have a lot to do, but the object is to make money and build the tower as high as you can with businesses, apartments, and people. It plays real-time and the player has to make items and stock shelves to continue to earn money.
  4. Jet pack Joyride – In this game the player plays a small guy who busts through a wall at the start of every and steels a jet pack. The object is to go the longest distance possible. On the way you have to dodge rockers, lasers, and electric beams. The player picks up coins along the way to buy gadgets to help them do better or cooler clothing and jet packs. There are certain achievements the player can earn to gain stars which help you gain levels. There are also vehicles that do certain things when the player picks them up.
  5. Earn to Die – This game is much like Hill Climb, but instead the player has to go from the southwest to the northwest and along the way the player will kill zombies and buy different vehicles and upgrades. This game is very easy to beat, but it has a good amount of playing time in it.
  6. Temple Run 2 – Temple Run 2 was just released recently. I got it as soon as I saw it because it was free. It features so much more than the Temple Run. The trail twists and curves, there are ropes to slide down, and rail carts to lean back forth in an old mine. The player can still upgrade their character and the object is to see how long someone can go without messing up. The graphics are improved quite a bit and makes it very appealing to eye with changing scenery.
  7. The Sandbox – This game is great for those players who like to play a god role in their games. The player gets to create environments on scene along with discovering different materials, humans, tools, and actions. All these can be put together however the player wants. There is a free play mode and an objective based mode, which is the best part. This is great for those who are creative also, because it lets the player do what ever they want.
  8. The Sims 3 – I have always played the sims on the computer, so when I found an app game for it I just had to have it. Its a lot better on an iPad, but the iPod or iPhone can make it just as fun. It is just like any other sims game where you can build a house get job have a family and anything you can do in real life. For those of you who are hard core sims gamers this is the perfect app for you.
  9. Pocket Planes – This app is made by the same company that made Tiny Tower. In this game the player runs an airline company. The player starts with a plane or two and earns money by making deliveries and moving people all over the world. Airports can be upgraded and bought, along with upgrades for airplanes and many airplanes to choose from. This game is also in real time, so the player has to check back for when the trips have been made to set the planes out on more trips.
  10. Asphalt 7 – Last but not least is this came. This is a run of the mill racing game, but it provides the player with lots of cars and missions to complete. There are upgrades and money to be earned to buy more things and upgrade the licenses. This game is good if you need a quickie to occupy a small amount time. I have never played this game for longer than an hour, but that does not mean it is not fun. It just gets very tiring playing it.

Here is my top 10 iPod Touch and iPhone Games. If any of you have games that you like post them in the comment section. If you would like a post reviewing a game you like be sure to email me or post it in the comment section also. Show me some support and click the like button please 🙂 ! Thank You!


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