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The Snooze Button and I: A Love-Hate Relationship

January 31, 2013

I started early this morning. Early taking pic...

0600 rolls around and I am grabbed from my slumber into the reality of today. The annoying buzzer right there in my head. I slowly climb out of my full-sized bed and walk over to the alarm.

The biggest, most deciding question of the day comes around, “Hit the snooze or not hit the snooze?” that is the question I have to answer every morning. In my half slumber on many mornings I choose the extra 9 minutes of sleep…several times.

The extra is pleasant and fitful, as I lay in my comfortable bed with warm, fuzzy, fleece blankets and I wait for the alarm to sound again. What seems like 9 seconds go by, was actually 9 minutes. BEEP BEEP BEEP! The buzzer starts to annoy me again. Finally after about pushing the snooze button three times I quickly get out of bed and start rushing, so I can be bright eyed and bushy-tailed and on time for school.

Man do I love the sleep, but the snooze button should be taken off my alarm clock. It puts me behind schedule almost every morning.This is one of the few ways I am like most teens.I adore sleep and my bed. Mr. Snooze Button allows me some extra sleep, even though it is for a short period of time. Now if there was something that gave an electric shock for an alarm, I would be wide awake and at attention to start my day.

Now its time to shower, get dressed, and grab a delicious mug full of Folger’s coffee before I have to sit in the jail they call school.

How many of you have a relationship with your snooze button? Leave a comment telling telling everyone about it. Push that like button, it gives me sooo much motivation to keep on blogging and it lets me know you guys are reading this. Thank You!


  1. Verity Keen permalink

    I’m very puzzled that you have to climb out of your warm bed to hit the button… I think that would wake me up too much – getting back into bed again is never the same imo 🙂

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