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Gay Boy Scouts: Should They Be Allowed?

January 29, 2013



Boy Scouting (Boy Scouts of America)

Boy Scouting (Boy Scouts of America) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am all for diversity in everything, even when it comes to sexuality. I am one of the straightest guys you will meet, but I do not believe in segregating people because of their choice of sexual preference.


This recent Washington Post article tells the best story about the Gay Ban in the Boy Scouts of America.


The Scouts have not allowed major differences in their ranks for years. Gay Scouts have been shunned and exiled out of troops and even from jobs on summer camps. This is taking away from the education of boys who, even though may think differently than the other boys, can still benefit from a 102 year old program.


I do not agree with the National Council of lifting the ban solely for the purpose of regaining donations and memberships. This is a selfish tool to use. It is great that they have left it up to the individual councils and troops, but it puts the troops in between a rock and hard place. Troops may lose membership due to parents not wanting there kids to be around another scout who is gay. Churches who often give troops a place to meet may stop troops with gay scouts from meeting there.


The leaders who want to lift this ban along with the gay scouts themselves do not realize the cons of allowing this to happen. There is a very high possibility of hazing and bullying going on in troops, because most teens do not cope well with being around, and participating in activities, with people who are extremely different from them. This is when you may end up with more teen suicides or more gay suicides. Teenagers are mean to begin with even if you are straight.



I do think having gay personalities( for lack of a better term) could benefit troops. It will give them a different perspective or different thoughts on subjects, and activities, that could help teach the boys even more. It may even teach them, over time, to be more accepting towards those who are not afraid to be different.


To solve this entire problem scouts should not be forced to come out that they are gay, even if they truly are. Just like no one has the right to demand your health history, troops shouldn’t have the right to know if you are gay or not.


Just like when women gained the right to vote, there will be a large change over period that will happen, which will eventually lead to gays being widely accepted in scout troops everywhere, if the ban is lifted. It will take some policy changes to make sure gays get the right treatment and that no conflicts between who sleeps with who will happen. Should a gay scout and straight scout be allowed to tent together? How about two gay scouts tenting together? Should there be a required gay leader in every troop that has gay scouts? These are some of the questions that need to be answered before this ban is lifted.


What are some of your thoughts on this issue? Anyone who is a scout or is involved with scouts, I would greatly appreciate your view either in a comment or in a post linked to mine. Please show me some support and give me more motivation by clicking that like button. Please and Thank You!






History of the Boy Scouts of America

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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