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What’s the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

January 27, 2013

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I would have to go with the most common thing that most people would say. That is (drum roll please!) the Internet.

Its the Best because it holds vast realms of knowledge. You can almost become a doctor just from using the internet. The large web of ideas have helped me many a time with prompts from school that I simply could not get a creative edge on or simply did not know much about.

The fact that anyone can have answers to their questions in minutes is also one of the things that makes it the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. One minute I can be wondering how to be the best blogger there is the next minute I can be creating a great blog. someone could be wondering what is making that noise, that is more annoying than Chinese water torture, in their car and the next minute have the name and number of the best repair shop in town or a solution to their problematic situation.

A slice of bread has the power to help fulfill someone physically. The inter-web has the power to help fulfill everyone mentally. The internet is able to fulfill more than just one part of someone’s mentality. It can teach them, it can entertain them (keep your head out of the gutter) and it can consume them. Now you ask, “How can it consume someone?”. The answer is very simple…Facebook.

No one needs to know that your baby took his or her first dump, or that you are currently wiping your butt after a massive dump. You especially shouldn’t be telling everyone on the internet that you are taking a trip to Aruba and will be away for two weeks. For one thing Facebook was not meant to be updated about everything happening for every single second of your life. For another thing, do you really want a criminal to have information on when to rob your house? No you don’t.

The internet may also be our biggest downfall. It is hurting our powers to remember. No longer do kids no how to look up a phone number in the phone book or count change without a computer telling them how much to give back. When we have something that can do another thing for us we forget or choose not to ever do that thing. This is a topic for a later post.

Does anyone else share the same view on the internet? Or do you have a different perspective? Let me know in the comment section below. Show some love while you are here and click the like button for me.


Daily Prompt: Sliced Bread.

  1. I totally agree with you. Sometimes I think I’m better than my doctor lol 🙂 As for facebook, it’s like part of life for a lot of people especially those working abroad and leaving their family behind, it’s a cheaper way of communicating. 🙂

  2. Internet is good for a quick research. How can we blog otherwise. 😀

  3. I agree about Facebook. It destroys lives and becomes an addiction on a level with Alcoholism. In centuries to come, it may be seen as a strange oddity of our times, or we may even have implants, constantly updating our every thought and movement – ‘Thoughtbook’. I ought to copyright the name now. You’ve guessed it, I really hate Facebook. Nice post Joey, although I never eat sliced bread. I buy it uncut, and slice it thick, with a knife. Old school mate. Regards, Pete

    • Nothing wrong with old school. I tend to combine old school and new school. I am very unlike others of my generation.

  4. Sometimes I wonder how we got on without the Internet

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