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Lack of Sleep

January 26, 2013

It truly amazes me how long I can go with barely any sleep. You would think that after only 9 and half hours of sleep over a 48 hour period would turn someone into a malicious, and vulgar Zombie.

The night before last I had 5 hours of sleep due to me being a night owl and wanting to read many blogs and forums. Lat night I only got 4 and a half hours of sleep because I went to bed at 11:45 and was woken up to go on a call.

I was on duty at the ambulance station last night. It was a quiet day shift with only one call I the afternoon. Then at 1:45 this morning we got another call. By the time I got back to the base and unwound enough to fall asleep it was 4:30. I woke up at 6:30 this morning and hurried home to go work my other job.

I am still have not slept yet, but I do not really feel tired. It is very weird, but I know as soon as I lay down tonight I will be out like a light.

Thee is a kind of enjoyment for me in seeing how long I can without sleep. I once went 38 hours straight with no sleep due to school and having an overnight ER clinical for my EMT license. At 30 hours without sleep my brain went on autopilot and I do not remember anything that happened at who’ll after me ED rotation.

I didn’t even remember driving home. I sorta just got there. Has anyone else experienced this while driving? Leave a comment below and show me some love please with a like!




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  1. Very rarely do I sleep more than 5 hours in a night. I have a long, twisted relationship with insomnia. The best writing for me comes when only the moon is out 🙂

  2. You are young, and can get by with lack of sleep. I am old, and also manage to do the same thing. Different ends of the scale, same outcome. I think that sleep deprivation, whether intentional or not, concentrates the mind, and sharpens thought, at least for a given period. Also, when something necessitates staying awake, preparing for an exam, or being stuck on a long and difficult call, adrenaline takes over, and you just get the job done.
    I used to find that I could go for exceptionally long periods with very little sleep, especially on long runs of night duty. However, once I got to my days off, I would really crash, and I once slept for 15 hours straight. Once you are working full time on shifts, try to pace yourself, and balance your work/life equation. Otherwise, you will find that things begin to get on top of you, and stress can be magnified. No need to worry yet, at your age though. Regards, Pete.

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