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Humor I Deal With!

January 25, 2013

“How can you tell a rectal thermometer from an oral one?… The taste!”-Around the Base

Just a joke that came up when everyone was talking about taking someone’s temperature and giving oral glucose rectally. I thought I should share with you guys.

This actually brought on a good learning opportunity for me. Here in my state we can give oral glucose to patients with a known history of diabetes. My state also allows for the use of a glucometer by EMT’s. I was talking to one of my partners who is a medic and she stated that if a patient can’t swallow and there is no other way to bring up their blood sugar, due to no medics or AEMT’s on scene, then you can give the glucose rectally. The rectum has a lot of mucus membranes that can be useful for diabetic emergencies.

Have any jokes that you heard that relate to your work? Leave them in the comment section and Please hit the like button, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



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  1. No Glucagon IM out there? We did not give rectal glucose, as it was always IM or IV, though we did give rectal diazepam for Epileptics, and I have seen staff put it in the ‘wrong opening’ on a young female! The problem with diabetic jobs, is that if you bring them round to a good state of recovery, they almost always refuse to continue to hospital. This gives you the dilemma that they will relapse into a hypo very soon after you leave, and you will have to go back later. It was sometimes preferable, if you were close to hospital, to convey them without invasive treatment, thus guaranteeing that they actually saw a doctor. Regards, Pete.

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