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Calculus! Why Am I Taking You???

January 24, 2013

It being the end of the semester at my school we are now taking finals. Most of my finals so far I have done well on. Its my calculus one that I am dreading to take. I have an hour and fifteen minutes until I become brain dead by trying to make sense out these equations that have as many numbers as the alphabet does.

What is this hell where letters turn into numbers and then back again? I am expected to be able to memorize formulas that have more than one way to be written and more than one way to be solved. Calculus teachers amaze me. They can teach something so mundane and boring, but still get excited about it. Its no wonder most math teachers have hair that stands on end. If it caressed their scalp it would be too much pressure on there abnormal brain.

It gets even worse! Using some obscure formula I am suppose to find a line on a graph of a curve, that gives me the slope of the curve. Calculus is still flawed in that I cannot get an exact answer as to the exact slope I need. All the answers are estimates that can differ from person to person. Never will catch me ever holding a job where I have to use this Satanical math. I commend those who do use it in their careers for I do not hold the strength of will do convert a bazillion letters into a mathematical answer.

Anyone take a math class that left them with smoke pouring out of their ears from their brain working too hard?



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