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EMS for Those Who Are Interested

January 22, 2013

Emergency Medical Services is the system that gets those who are in need to medical care promptly. We often start treating a problem on scene and continue treatment until they reach a doctor in the Emergency Department. EMS is a growing field and it changes everyday.

Ambulance Drivers are a thing of the past. EMS personnel are trained to provide medical treatment anywhere. There are three license levels in my state. There is EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) which provides basic life support along with the ability to give a few medications and assist patients with taking others. Then there is the AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) which provides both basic life support and some advanced life support. These providers can start 4 and 12 lead EKG (Heart Monitor), start IV’s and give more medications than an EMT. The third level is the most commonly known and that is the Paramedic level. Paramedics can do all the EMT and AEMT can, along with the ability to give over 30 medications in the pre-hospital setting. Medics can also perform cardiac pacing to hearts that are not beating correctly and they can do emergency surgery on someone’s airway if needed.

Common calls we respond to are cardiac problems, breathing problems, falls, and motor vehicle accidents. EMS is important in every community and through our quality improvement programs it has been able to grow in knowledge and provide better rates of survival.

At the ambulance company I work for we respond to over 1,000 calls per year. We have at least two providers at the station ready to respond to a call at a moments notice. We work twelve hour shifts and are required to work at least one shift per week. This schedule works great for me, because it allows me to go to school, but still gain the experience I need to go to a Paramedic Degree program.

I hope this has informed some of you and I thank you for reading!
I will post more soon!
I would greatly appreciate any comments, questions, or concerns, and help getting my blog out to readers!




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  1. Joey, have you thought about re-posting your blog on Twitter, or LinkedIn? You can also ask other bloggers to re-post, for public information purposes, and for education in the skills of EMS crews. This may only apply to American bloggers though, as different countries have varied applications for ambulances. Just a thought. Regards, Pete.

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